Terms of service (public offer)

These terms are used in the following text:

  1. "Executor" - Studio of Internet solutions - ExpertPro.
  2. "Service" - personal finance service "Drebedengi.ru".
  3. "User" - Any adult person (or a group of such persons) that needs services and is technically able to receive it.

Service is a subject of the relations of the Executor and Customer Service, as well as payment for its provision and the definition of legal status and responsibilities of the parties under this Agreement.

  1. Service (procedure and conditions). The service includes the following services are supported and provided by the Executor:
    1. User access to the online home accounting system.
    2. Provision, maintenance and improvement of software and other tools for use of the Service.
  2. Executor. Executor provides the Service at any time. Refusal to provide services can be invoked by the following circumstances:
    1. Provision of Services may pose a threat to the health and safety of people;
    2. Provision of Services is impossible due to physical, topographical and other natural obstructions;
    3. User does not agree with these terms and conditions of the Service or fails to make payments for services;
    4. User makes hacking attempts or causes any harm to the system.
    5. Provision of Services was terminated earlier by reason of breach by User of this Agreement
  3. User. The user has the right to use the Service in its sole discretion at any time and for any purpose other than prohibited by the laws and regulations in the territory of the Executor and explicitly referred to in paragraph 6 of this Agreement.
  4. Disclaimer of Warranty
    1. Service is available 24 hours a day, every day, without interruption, except for the necessary maintenance and repair work that will be scheduled at a time when it can do the least damage to the interests of the user.
    2. Service is provided "as is" and in the form in which it is available at the time of delivery, with no warranties, express or implied, is provided.
    3. Executor makes no warranty that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free and materials and software provided do not contain errors.
    4. Under no circumstances the Executor shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user from the use or inability to use the services or incurred by depending on the services provided by or through the Services, or incurred as a result of errors or interruptions in the work.
    5. If User is not satisfied with the services, terms, rules, quality of its content or practices of the Service, has the exclusive right - to stop using the Service. Order of payments of defined in section 5 of this Agreement.
  5. Payments for the Service
    1. Service is provided free of charge without a time limit, but with limited functionality. For using additional funtions, User should buy a subscription to premium services.
    2. Prices for the provided paid services are set in rubles
    3. Current status of the subscription and its validity is shown in the account settings.
    4. Executor may change fees or impose new payments in addition to existing at any time. User will be noticed with advance notice, sent to him not later than fifteen (15) days before the changes take effect.
    5. User is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his password.
    6. User also assumes responsibility for all taxes associated with the use of the Service.
    7. User should pay all costs associated with connecting to the Service (the payment service providers of Internet, etc.).
  6. Terms of Service
    1. Following actions are prohibited when using the Service:
      1. Restrict access of other Users or prevent other Users from using the Service.
      2. Grant unauthorized access into any technological components (nodes), programs, databases, and other elements of the system, referring to the action, the commission or attempted commission of which provides User with responsibility in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation in force, for acts such as Chapter. 21 of the Criminal Code, "Crimes against property," Art. 159 "Fraud", Ch. 28 of the Criminal Code, "Crimes in the sphere of computer information": Art. 272 "Illegal access to computer information."
    2. Executor reserves the right to send e-mail notifications to the User.
    3. Executor shall not intentionally look through or disclose any information to third parties, but has the right to use it to improve the functionality and quality of Service.
    4. User data may be removed from server after 2 year from last login.
  7. Privacy policy
    1. The use of the system is possible without providing personal data of the User, therefore the information stored on the Contractor’s server is impersonal.
    2. Any User information stored on the Executor's server side will not be disclosed to third parties by the Executor in accordance with Russian law system in force.
    3. User access to the system is carried out via secure communication channels using modern encryption methods.
  8. Responsibility for failure to comply with the Agreement.
    1. Executor may terminate User's access to the Service or part of the Service without notice if the user is involved in the action that the Executor, exclusively from his point of view, states as a contradiction to this Agreement.
    2. User agrees not to make the Executor, the defendant or respondent for any liabilities and costs associated with the violation of this Agreement by User or other persons using its login and password.