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Attach photos to spending

If you don't have time to enter expenses — shoot checks from your phone and send them in to your home accounts. Process them when you have time.
In addition, it is more convenient to work with checks:
  • Lets not keep paper checks
  • Allows you to attach images of checks to the spending in the program interface
  • Reminds make expenses with checks, as they are always visible on the main page
  • You can also attach any other images to spending: product images, documents, feast with friends, etc.
Terms and conditions of service
  1. Making purchases, shoot checks from your phone and send them to E-Mail
    Subject and content of the e-mail may be empty. Immediately after successful receipt, the check will be visible to you in the form for entering spending.
  2. Set up e-mail program so that the sender of the letter was an E-Mail, you specified at registration on drebedengi.ru
  3. The image is stored on the server at least 1 year
  4. The image size should not exceed 2MB