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Release 2.3.4 Android  15 december 2015
This release contains the following features
  1. Shopping list.
    1. To sort of purchase, hold them and to drag up and down.
    2. Display of the shopping list does not sleeps to go to the supermarket and use the list. Just do not forget, as the battery is discharged.
  2. Icons
    1. Added support for custom icons that can be set in your account. Previously displayed only standard.
    2. The icon appears at the account in the "Balance" section.
    3. Added icons in the selection fields, when you enter transactions. It has become clearer, take a look.
  3. Click on the account in the "Balance" hides the amount.
  4. About SMS from banks. In the settings appeared checkbox "Insert SMS to comment if there were no rules." It is useful to create new rules, and understand whether they are triggered at all.
  5. Improved layout in reports

Download the latest version in the Play market.

Release 2.3  10 march 2015
This release contains next features:
  1. Improved debt
    1. During input, the list of all debtors rather than manual entry.
    2. It became possible to include the debts in the report together (or instead of) with the usual cost. So you can watch reports on issued debt, etc.
    3. It makes it easier to repay the debt. Place your cursor on it and click on "Return of duty."
  2. There was a group of spending. Some operations (for example, by check) you can "roll" into one and then it can be expanded to view the details. This can be achieved in several ways:
    1. Split operation via the icon "Split", in journal, or detailed reports
    2. Enter spending with a check downloaded from mobile applications
    3. Through import CSV files, read the description of the format, see "Importing Data".
  3. Credit cards. If you use them, then read the clue "This is a credit card," in the "List" section. In short, you can set a credit limit and then we will see how much is left free money.
Minor features
  1. Improved import-export
  2. Added basic precious metals. So deposits in precious metals can now also be taken into account.
Android, release 2.2  9 july 2014
The long-awaited release is finally out. Hooray!

1. Sync now works in the background. Enable the "Sync in background" and that's all.
2. Improved reliability of information transmission.
3. Some usefull information in the "Synchronization" section.
4. Added PIN to enter the application. Activated it in the application settings.
5. When entering expenses, "Save" button is no longer obscured by the keyboard.
6. Many minor tweaks in design and fix other errors.

The update is available in Google Play.
Release 2.0  10 december 2013
  1. New design!
  2. Icons in the balance block.
  3. Menus now can hide, to free up screen space.
  4. Improvements in the reports section
  5. Improvements in the saving block
  6. Improvements in the budgeting block
And the update for iPhone application. Ios7 fixes.
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New update for Android application, version 2.1.2.
  1. Improved navigation
  2. Save expense by pressing "send" button on the keyboard
  3. Hardware menu button shows up "More" menu
  4. Bug fixes with "Remember fields" feature
  5. Synchronization bug fixes
There is small update for iPhone too. There, fixed some bugs and adds a cute numeric keypad with a calculator. At the moment we are doing iPad version.
Use it!
Release 1.39  15 may 2013
Added a small but pleasant things:
  1. It is now possible to enter the exact time when creating spending. Click on "calendar", the cursor is blinking in the time field, enter it, press "enter" and continue submitting form.
  2. Improvements in the planning of the budget:
    1. In the "Cost Control" is now minimalistic. But nothing important has disappeared, though added amount "spent". Look at this.
    2. In the planning (and in the "Cost Control"), it became possible to click on the amount "spent" and fall into a detailed report that will show what's what.
    3. In the total budget plan table, you can also click on the fields of each month and see what they are made of.
  3. A pair of small things: Enable input movement and exchange rates in the future tense. A date change in one tab (eg "cost") is applied to the other. It is more convenient.
Do not forget that "drebedengi" have special applications for OS Windows, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. All of them together are able to synchronize, so use it by the whole family!

Release 1.38  12 february 2013
  1. ow you can send weekly backups with all your information to your email. This is for greater peace of mind and reliability. If you, for example, have introduced something wrong or just confused about the numbers, you can "roll back" to your last backup, upnloading it in "Importing Data" section. To take advantage of this thing, put a checkbox in the "Export to Excel". Premium subscription is required.
  2. The tags and templates can now be treelike. So you can create, for example, a group of tags, separated by type (contractors, stores, events, etc.).
  3. It became easier to sort lists of cost categories, tags, accounts, etc., now they can just drag the mouse up and down, in the settings. Who has a lot of items in the list, welcome.
  4. Now it's easier the process of adding users to share financial accounting (husband, wife, children, colleagues). There is no need to wait for the letter and click on the link, just click the button in your account. So add all family members to record keeping. This adds a sense of discipline and order.
Recall the use of templates operations - this is a good thing. You should only once to fill in all fields in the form, to put them in one click later. We want to eventually add this thing in mobile applications - That's going to be great!
First of all, we rejoice phone owners on the platform Windows Phone. Meet the beta version of the application "drebedengi"!

  1. Forms have become more compact and at the same time more flexible. The secret lies in a small link "More" next to the comment. If you click it, you'll see that there moved tags, receipts and cloud. By the way, it makes it easier to choose the tag, click on them!
  2. And yet, there dwelt a template for entering transactions. If you often make the same type of costs, create templates for them and enter the waste in a couple of clicks. Beauty!
  3. Next. Movement and exchange rates can now be tagged. So also in the reports, you can filter them by tags. By the way, a little secret: If you look at the detailed report by selecting only one storage location, you will see similar "bank statement" in this account, including transfers between accounts.
  4. In exchange rates can now specify a storage location in which to put money in the exchange (in the "More"). If this is done, it will automatically create the movement of money. It is slightly easier life, such as when the EUR purchases made ​​in dollars or vice versa.
  5. Of debt. Income and expenses can now be given immediately from debt storage locations. For instance, if you want someone to forgive the debt, you just need to make the expense of the account. That's it!
For this to be good, please delete your cookies in your browser. And then there have a lot of debris and it will interfere with life.

iPhone drebedengi - v1.3  6 november 2012
Dear Friends! The developers have done, and Apple finally approved the new version of the application, in which:

  1. Added a "shopping list" for the shop, Which is available both online and from the application - lists synchronized.
  2. Here's how to use it:
    1. Connect the wife (husband) to family accounts, in the "Users" section
    2. Ask her to make a list of what to buy. This is easy to do on a desktop computer.
    3. Sync, shop, mark one-touch purchase. What's left to buy - will be in front of your eyes.
    4. Then with one click, transfer purchases immediately to the home bookkeeping.
  3. Added export to CSV, suitable for loading into your account, see "Importing Data".
  4. Added currency exchange.
  5. Corrected many critical errors in sync, and made other small improvements and bug fixes.
Here's what's important: The old version of the application must be removed (you must first synchronize with online), and the new must be set manually from the App Store (search term: Finanz control).The application will not be updated automatically.

Release 1.36  4 september 2012
First of all we would like to remind that if this summer you relaxed and forget about tracking your finance, you can now start with a clean slate by removing the old data.

  1. Reports can now be saved in Excel. At the real Excel (not CSV)! The report contains filters on all columns, the counted totals and detailed child categories. This feature is in test mode now and is accessible to all, but then we will put it in the Premium subscription, so if you do not already have it — buy it now!
  2. And finally, you can print reports! Actually, download the report in Excel, press ctrl + p, and here it is, clean, tepid piece of paper with a nice report leaves the printer.
  3. We begin to improve budget planning. The numbers in the budget table are clickable now.
    1. Click on the planned income / expense in any month will edit the plan.
    2. Clicking on the actual expense / income will quickly show report and you immediately will understand all clear!
    Soon, the remains will be clickable too.
  4. For cost categories, in budget plan, you can now add comments.. to not forget what specifically you have planned to spend. Many users asked this feature. Use it.
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