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Multiuser mode

You can easily team up with someone to share your home accounting. You will have a different account on the system, individual logins and passwords, but the budget and statistics will be shared. To do this, simply merge accounts into one family. After this, the following changes will occur:
  1. Spending categories, income sources and accounts for both of you are the same (from the first registered user).
    Attention! Last transactions of the second user will be absent.
  2. All transactions will be shared, if special restrictions not set.
  3. Reports and statistics can be filtered by users.

To team up with other users and keep track of finances together, do the following:

  1. Ask him to register in the system.
  2. Send request from the "user list" menu and wait until he clicks on the button in personal area.
  3. Log out your personal account and reenter.
  4. If necessary, adjust user access rights to shared information.