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Plan your budget

In the system you can control expenses or make a general plan of the budget, taking into account income. This can be useful if:
  • Each month you want to spend less than a specified amount.
  • You need estimate total money balance at the year ahead, considering monthly expenses and income.
  • You need to stay within a certain amount of cost to a given date (for example, until October 13 to spend no more than 2500 USD)

To do this, the system provides interface to create expense plan, based on which the system will show you how much money you'll have next year. So you can plan large purchases. Budget plan can be both individual and shared for the whole family, if carried out family (multiuser) budget.

As you enter expenses, you will always see how much has already been spent, how much is left to spend and the approximate daily consumption to comply with the plan. If there is a deviation from the plan, the system will highlight the corresponding item in red and shows how far you deviate.