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Savings, wish lists, shopping lists

Control your savings, prioritize and accomplish your wishes faster by managing them in the "Savings, wish lists, grocery lists" section.
  1. Set your objectives: description and links, estimated price or desired amount. Plan your advancement, schedule regular saving amount by providing desired completion date or vice versa.
  2. Add new objective even if you can't start to save up for it immediatelly. It will help you to prioritize goals, to make better decisions and to spend money more effectively.
  3. There are three lists created by default:
    1. Major purchases list - for your largest savings, like real estate or cars.
    2. Wish list - for gadgets, jewellery, vacations, furniture, etc. Most of it probably can be used as a gift wish list for your family members and friends.
    3. Shopping list - see below
Shopping lists

These lists are usually used for frequently purchased items. Compile your shopping and grocery lists once, and they will be available on your mobile devices every time you or your family members shop. Make your shoppings faster, spend less money and never find yourself without necessary supplies.

Update your shopping list during the week (or just before leaving) with an unusual items, and later on just mark items which are already in your cart with a single click.